April 2013 Real Estate Update

April 21, 2013|  Article By : 

As of April 16, 2013;   Median price has continued to rise steadily since 2011 and as of this month now sits at 270K.    This month’s interesting statistic (at least to me) is, “Days on Market for Sold Properties”… the lowest it’s been since 2005!   I think this stems from strong sales under 500K and an overall reduction of inventory… upper end market still seems sluggish although the inventory is pretty low between 800K and 999K.   Spring/Summer may see an uptick in inventory as is common here.

Hope you find this information helpful, entertaining and interesting.   And please, feel free to contact me at your convenience if you or someone you know might be able to utilize my services in either selling or buying any real estate.

For a detailed look see: BRATTON REPORT 4-16-13

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