March 2013 Real Estate Update

April 3, 2013|  Article By : 

As of March 12, 2013;   Median price is at 235K here in Bend (up from 205K at this time last year), number of sales are holding steady with an inventory average of about 2months (based on 1968 sales for the year and current inventory of 358), median time on market of 92 days is down from 111 days at this time last year.   Median sales price per square foot is also up at $122 per square foot compared to $111 per square foot last year at this time.

It looks like 2011 was the bottom of the market here.   From an initial low of $166K, to the current $235K, the median sales price has risen relatively steadily.   Also the notice of defaults (NOD) has continued to drop and is way down.   That said the upper end market is still slow.   Price per square foot has been rising steadily, however.   The 2012 year showed a steady uptick in the market despite it being an election year and the country still in economic woes.

For a detailed look see BRATTON REPORT 3-12-13

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